Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Surplus heaven, with bacon

At jewelry camp we teased the instructor for constantly referring us to Harbor Freight as a source for cheap tools - we figured he had to be getting a cut for sending students there. It is indeed a great source for tools and supplies of all kinds. However, my hands down favorite cheap surplus-type place is American Science & Surplus. I got a package from them yesterday that contained an excellent set of riffler files, a bunch of small magnifying lenses of different powers and thicknesses that I hope to turn into pendants, a couple of amber bottles for storing liver of sulfur and other nasty potions, a set of 15 tiny drill bits, a universal chuck key (for when I lose the one that came with my flexshaft), two cheap but fun little kaleidoscopes, a bag of ten mini-spirographs complete with pencils, and a "hand grip massager" -- all for under $25. The kaleidoscopes and spirographs are for a box of toys and art supplies I keep on hand to amuse visiting children. The hand grip massager was intended for K but it's pretty useless so it's going into the pile of truly weird stuff we keep for Christmas re-gifting swaps.

But wait, there's more. This morning I was looking through the print catalog they included in the package and discovered several must have items:

-- Gummy bacon. Actually, they have gummy pork sausage as well, but bacon is, well, bacon.
-- Bacon bandages. For when you slice your bacon for real...
-- Bacon tape. Also in pork sausage flavor.
-- A pigapult, for flinging miniature pigs, which you can also purchase.

You might sense a porkish theme developing here. I have long said that the first axiom of southern cooking is "Everything is better with bacon." It's also my personal motto.

More good stuff:

-- a mirage maker (one of my personal favorites for obvious reasons)
-- 2.5" miniatures of the terracotta Chinese warriors
-- a pulsating body part
-- plasma bulb heart nightlight
-- a working model of a steam engine

and tons of flasks, bottles, pipettes, magnets, robot parts, telescopes, microscopes, toys, office supplies, gizmos, and whatchamacallits. It strikes me that much of this stuff would make excellent fodder for mixedspecies, four guys who need no help at all in generating some of the weirdest stuff on the planet. I have a soft spot for these guys because they share my bacon obsession. A couple of weeks ago I bought three sets of their Murder and Mayhem coasters and they are totally fabulous. I could do one of those blog interview things, but that's not really my style or theirs. Better they should speak to you in their own way.


Anonymous said...

TrueMirage - we could not agree with you more and thank you for the kind "shout out". Everything truly IS better with bacon. People should be very wary of the aphrodesiacal (spell check?) powers of bacon though as it has led to a couple of offspring in the Mixed Species clan!

-the Mixed Species guys-

Ellen said...

i received that catalog yesterday and hope to peruse the goodies tonight! thanks for the heads-up on some highlights :-P

i also share the love for the mixed species...love love

knitsteel said...

I'm going to order microstamps from Harbor Freight this week and am now planning on perusing the science surplus later today. Thanks!

Athena's Armoury said...

I've always been a big fan of Harbor Freight (having gotten my beloved tumbler there). I'll definitely have to check out this Science Surplus place!!

Marysusan Noll said...

I have been an acolyte of Amscisurp for years. I often buy stuff from them to use in my science classes and then my co-teachers get all jealous and up in my stuff but I just call them haters cause they don't know the source...yo.


Anonymous said...

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