Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tools, redux

I've had my new pliers for a few days now and am in tool heaven. Using the new round nose pliers is like driving a Porsche, so sleek and maneuverable. The jaws are quite a bit longer than my old ones though, which took a little getting used to. Since one of my mottoes is "why buy one tool when you can buy three?", I also bought a pair of thin chain nosed pliers and a new set of wire snips with a retainer. No more bits of wire zooming around the studio! Yeah, I know the old finger-on-the-wire-to-prevent- shrapnel trick, but I never remember to do it. I think because it always seems like the wire could go shooting into my finger flesh. The thin chain nosed pliers are fantastic for working in tight spots, though they feel so delicate that I'm inclined to be a bit tentative with them.

And for once the denizens of the 8th dimension were cooperative: I found my old round nose pliers the day after I received the new tools! They were in my wire drawer buried under, what else?, a bunch of wire.


D.C. said...

Your new round nose pliers look quite lovely. Are they the infamous "L" brand?

TrueMirage said...

No, I went for the cheaper "no-name" german brand - and they're great!