Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ragged Heart pendant

Sold 4/25/07.

I'm not a big fan of heart jewelry. I'm a sentimental fool, a complete romantic, a total sucker for baby animals - but I don't like heart jewelry. So, I was bashing a silver nugget with my trusty hammer the other day and imagine my surprise when I looked at it and saw...a ragged heart. And I realized that what I dislike about so much heart jewelry is that the hearts are all perfect and shiny, with lots of swoops and curls. Whose heart looks like that? Not mine. My heart is sturdy, tough, with lots of scars and wrinkles. It's been around the block and got dragged into some back alleys, but it always emerges stronger. And I imagine it looks kind of like this pendant. Maybe you can relate.

The one-half inch pendant is made of lightly oxidized fine silver (99.9%) and, with its companion rhodonite briolette, hangs from an 18" sterling silver snake chain with toggle clasp, both heavily oxidized for contrast.

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