Monday, May 28, 2007

Credit where credit is due

Recently several people have mentioned that they like my descriptions of items. Not all the descriptions I write are special, but sometimes a piece inspires me to write a whole lotta nuttiness. I think in a couple of cases the descriptions might have actually played an important role in selling the pieces. So I want to publicly thank whoever it was at Etsy who wrote this blog entry about collectibles and personal myth-making. My jewelry certainly isn't "collectible" - but this part really got me thinking: "...I also think that myths drive sales. And this isn’t as esoteric as it sounds — creating catchy episodic will sell things." I'd never seen anyone use episodic as a noun before - maybe that's what stopped me in my reading tracks, or at least slowed me down enough for the next paragraph to sink in:
By keeping a blog about your personal life ... you’re in effect creating episodic content about your life. What if you could tie your Etsy shop’s content into this, in a way that’s more engaging than just saying “Here-I-made-this go-look-at-it”? Make your own myths!
It took a while, but a few weeks later, here I am blogging away.

My blog isn't and won't become a record of my daily life, my past life (notice I didn't say lives - past lives are fair game), intimate encounters, personal hygiene, or other stuff that generally falls in the category of TMI. What you will find in this blog is me writing about life through the lens of art and jewelry-making.

I don't know if that counts as myth-making, but it's turned out to be surprisingly satisfying. So, thanks, Whoever at Etsy. Now, could you get the programmers to give us an easy way to put a whole shop on vacation? And maybe add a "Finish" button to every page of the new listing process? And it would be great if we could have drag and drop photo arranging and auto-rotate of featured items and....

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