Sunday, September 2, 2007


  • My new favorite painting tools are plastic scrapers (the kind you can buy in the hardware store for spackling) and kitchen sponges, preferably the kind with scrubber stuff on one side.
  • Painting in the garage does not work when the garage has no light except what comes in the open garage door. It can also lead to pain in the knees from crawling over the concrete floor.
  • Painting on a picnic table outside is nice, but can lead to stripes in the paint and pain in the lower back.
  • Buy stretchers when you buy the canvas because waiting for them to arrive so you can stretch the finished painting is really frustrating. Especially when it's Labor Day weekend and you know the order won't even be processed till Tuesday! (remember 'Til Tuesday?)
  • Showing incomplete paintings to people is risky. Sometimes they can say helpful things. Other times their likes and dislikes can distract you from whatever it is you're trying to work out.
  • I used to think my painting was all about color and texture. Now I know it's also about gesture.
  • There's a really interesting Flickr group where people post photos of paintings in progress. I thought I'd post photos of the second painting there, until I looked at what's already up. Those folks are amazing painters!
  • Like Kenny Rogers said, "You got to ... know when to walk away and know when to run." Sometimes you just need to put the sponge down and step away from the canvas. You can always come back later. And if you don't like it, there's always gesso.
  • Isn't it annoying that using a bulleted list in Blogger messes up the spacing? It also happens with blockquoted text and sometimes after inserting pictures. There are several hacks out there to fix it, but, really, this just shouldn't happen!!


knitsteel said...

I promise not to make any suggestions about paintings. :)
I feel your pain.

Ellen said...

i still think that you should hijack the 3yr old and roll him through some paint :-P or perhaps use some of his fantastic curly hair for dobbing...

TrueMirage said...

interesting, but what about child labor laws? or does acting as a paintbrush not count as labor...