Friday, June 1, 2007


OMG, my e-language has gone totally weird since I started hanging out in the Etsy forums and chatting on line. arrggghhhh! I used to be a serious person LOL but now my emails and posts have gotten soooooo emoticonal and it's really hard to keep it from spilling over into my business life. :/ I almost winked at my boss in an email the other day - eeewwww!!!! :p IMHO, this has gone way too far and I need to stop, but I don't seem to be able to. :( Pleeeeeze IM me right now if you have any ideas about how I can stop writing like a 14-yr-old!! course I don't actually have an AIM account - ROFL! ;^)

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D.C. said...


hehehe ;P

u r 2 hilarious!!!


its a contagious disease :)